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Groups - Getting started and creating your first group
Groups - Getting started and creating your first group

Learn how to make the most out of Eloops groups features and create public or closed internal communities for any purpose and need.

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With the help of groups it allows for people with the same interest to form what we call “Mini Groups”. It is more of a private app within the app itself for whoever you want it to be involved with. Let’s group together!

First, click “Groups” under the “Manage” tab and it will bring you to the group page. This is where you will create a group or manage your existing ones.

In the top right corner, click the green button labeled “Create a new group”. This will allow you to start your new private group.

Second, just like forms, polls, and trivia games, you have the option of how you would like to share your new group. There are several ways to set the group up:

“Select to Specific Members”
-This will make the group private to only the people you members that you select.

“Public Group”
-All members can view and join this group.

Next, you are able to customize your group with multiple actions being:

“Group Name”
-This is the name that will appear to people who join the group.

-This will inform your members what the group is about.

“Upload a cover photo”
-This will be the image your members view when entering the app.

“Theme Color”
-This will be the color of the icons, buttons, and headers in the app.

Lastly, you want to be able to let your members know you have made a new group for them to potentially use. For this option, you will find a checkbox that says “Notify Selected Members of the New Group”. This is used if you are making a group with specific members.

Once you have completed all this, click the green button labeled “Create Group with X Members”. You have now created a group!

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