You’re finally getting to the most exciting part of the app. Creating your homepage, there are many tools to use when making your home page with many exciting features to make your app that much more amazing! Let’s get started!

First, click “Manage” on the sidebar of your app and scroll down to the “App HomePages” tab. (This will be where you create all the different kinds of buttons you have to choose from)

Second, when you have arrived on the page, you will click the blue button “+ Create a new button”. (This will give you a list of all the app options) Now that you have completed this, let's talk about the app options:

“Custom Content/HTML”
-This is an app where you can put large amounts of information and link websites, along with adding graphics.

-This is a library of resources where you are also able to link past created articles.

“Polls & Surveys”
-This a great area for figuring out what your employees like to do or how satisfied they are feeling in your workplace

“Quizzes & Trivia”
-These are fun games to help engage your employees on many different topics. Ex: Company goals

-This will allow you to make a private group app or a public group that anyone can join)

-These are excellent for getting to know your employees and for them to get to know each other.

-This helps if you would like to have a specific push notification message to attach into an app.

“External Link/URL”
-You can attach an external website directly into your app so users can be sent right to the website.

“QR Scanner”
-This will launch a QR Scanner in your app of something you want your users to be able to go directly to.

“Virtual Coins Wallet”
-This will be your user wallet of e-coins they earn and transaction history.

Lastly, you want to make your buttons on your home page look appealing and have the titles of your app be consistent with the page content. This will be where you create all the aesthetics of your homepage. Here are some guidelines to help you:

“Upload a custom button icon”
-This will allow you to upload a picture that you have saved to create the button of your own. If you choose not to upload a photo, it will be defaulted as a star icon.

“Header & Menu Title”
-This will be the names that appear on your apps. You will want to name both titles the same so the app name is the same as when you enter the app itself.

“Drop down box”
-This will change each time with the app you are creating. You can attach the existing forms, polls, trivia games, etc. that you have made.

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