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Creating your Eloops App Homepages
Creating your Eloops App Homepages

Get to know one of the main tools of your app. A guide for managing the most relevant content for your employees on your apps home pages.

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On the journey to achieving your best employee engagement experience, App home pages is one of the main tools to help you get there. App Home Pages allows you to customize your app, and bring highly personalized content for your members. This is the place to feature the most relevant & important content that you want to be available at all times for your team.

Select Manage on the left sidebar menu, under you will find App Home Pages then click on Create a New Page button in the top left corner.

STEP 1 - Creating a new page

Select the type of content you want your page to contain from the available options.

Types of Content:

  • Custom Content/HTML
    With this option, you can insert large amounts of text and embedded website links, along with adding graphics.

  • Library
    This is a library of resources where you can store master templates for you to easily utilize for the content of your app.

  • Polls & Surveys
    With this option, you can add recurring surveys to get up-to-date feedback from your employees.

  • Quizzes & Trivia
    Gives you the option to create gamified quizzes to boost engagement among your employees on many different topics.

  • Groups
    This allows you to customize content for a selected group or team within your organization.

  • Forms
    Gives you the possibility to streamline the collection of employee forms.

  • Messages
    This helps if you would like to have a specific push notification message to attach into the app.

  • External Link/URL
    You can attach an external website/link directly into your app so users can be sent right to the website in a click of a button.

  • Virtual Coins Wallet
    This is your members' wallet of e-coins here they are able to transfer coins to other members and view their coin activity.

  • Virtual Coins Store
    The company's virtual store allows the employee to spend their coins on the prizes you offer.

After selecting your desired home page content you are then required to enter these additional fields to complete adding your page to the app.

E.g - Selecting Forms

Page Header & Menu Title - Naming the page (Header and Menu title will be the same).

Upload custom button icon – Upload an image that will be your app home page icon. Make sure that the image resolution is 300x300 - This is not a required field, you can return to this section at any time. The default image will be a star icon.

Drop-down menu | Pick a form – Here you assign the specific content that you prepared for your page. The options in the menu change according to the type of content you chose in the previous window (i.e Quizzes & Trivias, Forms, polls & surveys, etc).

Click the Save button.

STEP 2 - Manage App Home Pages

Now you can see on the left sidebar menu the page you just created, the page will automatically be added to the app. Example below:

By clicking the purple toggle button, you can hide the page from your members while you build your content within. Under App Home Pages on the left sidebar menu, you can edit, delete and manage your pages.

Pro Tip: By a simple Drag and Drop you can control the order your pages display on the app.

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