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Forms - Getting started and creating your first form
Forms - Getting started and creating your first form

Gather the information you need in just a few simple steps.

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Make internal processes more efficient to manage by automatically or manually sending out forms to your team. Using Eloops forms feature allows you to collect information on a large scale from your team whether its professional or personal in nature.

Select Manage on the left sidebar menu, under you will find Forms then click on the Create a New Form button in the top right corner.

There are two choices for you to choose from Browse all available Templates or Create a new form from Scratch.

Starting from scratch:

STEP 1 – Design Form:

Start with naming your form under Form Name - This will be the title of your form.

Drag a field from the right to this area – To create the questions of your form, click the type of question you want from the customized question types bar on the right-side menu, according to the form structure you need.

You can change the order of the questions by dragging and dropping.

Tip: Start with placing a Header on the top of your form, that’s the title your employees will see when filling the form.

Customized question types overview:

  • Header – Give your form a meaningful title. Under Type, you can control the text size (H1- smallest, H3 biggest)

  • Paragraph – Allows you to add a text description you want within the form (for example “the purpose of this form is to make sure you’re happy at work :) ”)

  • Checkbox - User selects an option from a checkbox list. Make sure you keep the label and value options the same (unless you need a word to represent a number for statistics)

  • File Upload – Allows the employee to upload a file from their mobile device

  • Text Field – Under Type, you select the specific text field (i.e. phone number, email address or text), this requires the user to submit only what you asked for and ensures the correct user information is submitted

  • Text Area – Allows the user to type in a large amount of text, suitable for an open type of question

  • Dropdown – user selects an option from a drop-down list

  • Date picker – the user is able to select a specific date according to your request

Power Tip: make sure your first option will always be ‘choose from following’ because the app shows the first option as a default - Make sure you leave the 'Value' field empty (to ensure users won't use the default option as their answer).

Editing your questions:

Required* – When you mark this in your form, you make that specific question mandatory.

Label – The title for your question is set in this field.

Help Text – This shows a “?” icon next to the question, so you can add a short text to describe this question and give examples.

Placeholder – This will appear in the text box to give guidance and be an example for the user.

STEP 2 – Form settings:

Under Form Settings you control the following:

  • Allow multiple submissions per user - By checking this box, you allow your team member to submit the form more than once

  • Only allow single submission per user - By checking this box, you allow your team member to submit the form only once

  • Allow users to update their form submission - By checking this box, you allow your team member to edit and update their form after initially submitting

  • Request the user’s signature on mobile devices? – By checking this box, you request your team member to sign when completing their form submission

STEP 3 – Thank you & Points reward options:

This is where you thank your members for filling out the form as well as reward them with the company’s virtual coins! This is a great way to show appreciation to your employees and drive engagement within your business.

  • Enter a thank you message – Type in a little thank you note to your members. They will see the message after they submit their form

  • How many points would you like to reward? – Choose an amount of virtual coins you want to give your employee for their efforts

STEP 4 – Finalizing your form:

Type in the email you want to get notified with every new submission, it could be your own, another admin or manager that this form is relevant for.

you can also use members custom field to distribute the email/form submission to their manager or any other configured custom field.

  • Mark the checkbox if you wish to include the employee's attachments to your email notification

Sharing form as a template:

Share this form as a template - You have the option of sharing the form you just created as a template for simplifying future use. If you want to share it only within your organization, make sure to check the box that appears next.

All ready to click the Create form button!

Creating the form will not send it out yet, it will simply be available for your use when you link it to a message or page. Take a look at our best practices to learn more!

Browse All Available Templates:

Check out available templates for inspiration/additional ideas.

Sort options - Default, Title, Date Added, and Total Uses. You can also type the name or subject of the form you are looking for and see what options you have available.

Tip: its recommended to click the click to show all items for viewing more options.

Use This - To use the template and edit it. Click the green button.

Preview - To view the template from a member's view before selecting click the blue button.

Go to the beginning of the article to go through the steps of building your form.

Stay in the Loop and take a look at Best practices.

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