This is a very important part of the app that will give you content from your employees about themselves, what they’re interested in, and even sign up areas for people to get involved with one another. Let’s learn all about it!

First, when you go into on the side bar, click “Manage” tab. You will find “Forms” listed under this tab. Here, you will find your forms will be and will also be able to create new forms. Click the blue button labeled “Create a new form”. There will be two choices for you to choose from. These are “Browse all available Templates” or “Create a new form from Scratch”

Let's start from scratch!

Create from Scratch:

You will see “What is the name of this form?”. This will be the title of your form that you are creating. Under this section, you will find the dropbox field. This is where you can drag to create different types of questions and content. “Placeholder” will always be a description under the title of what you are creating. “Help Text” will show with a little icon as a hint for help. 

Let’s go over the options!

  • “Header” 
  • This can be a description of your form under the title. You have three types H1, H2, and H3. H1 is the largest text.
  • “Paragraph” 
  • This is where you can write content for your form.
  • “Checkbox” 
  • You can check the “Required” box to make it mandatory as well as you should always keep the options the same unless you are counting for value to gauge numbers for attendance purposes.
  • “File Upload” 
  • This is where you have the option to upload a PDF.
  • “Text Field” (This will help you take content in two different ways)
  • “Phone Number” (For collecting content in phone numbers)
  • “Text Area” (Allows for more area of writing content that a user can type in)
  • “Dropdown” (This will be an area for content and value if taking a list of names or numbers)

Now, it’s time to learn the “Form Settings” after you have created your form questions.

  • “Allow multiple submissions per user” (This will allow a user to complete the form more than once)
  • “Only allow single submission per user (This will only allow one submission of the form)
  • “Allow users to update their form submission” (This will allow a user to go back into their form and update it)
  • “Request user’s signature on mobile devices?” (This will create a blank space for users to sign upon completion of form)

Next, you want to thank your participants for taking the form as well as reward them.

In the “Thank you message” and “Virtual Coins” box you can show your appreciation to your employees.

  • Below the “Thank you message” box you have your Virtual Coins box. (This is where you can choose how much you want to reward your participants)
  • If you feel you want to share your poll for other Admins to see check the box “Share this form as a template”(This will share with only within your organization)
  • You can also type in emails to share with Admins not in your organization. (This will be under the tab “Admin Notifications”)

Lastly, when using from scratch you will have the sections of selecting “Members by Filter”, “Specific Members” (search by name), and “Save for future use”. (The Member filters can be sent to specific groups that are confirmed, pending, or even inactive members. As well as, you have segments which can be sent by specific tags depending on the role of the individual) Then, you will be able to schedule the notification of the form whenever you would like for the convenience of your employees to do it.

Browse all Available Templates:

When clicking “Browse all available Templates” it will bring you to the different pre-made options of templates you can use. (These are the templates that will become your form once selected)

Then, you can sort the templates based off how you would like to view them. The different options are sorted by: Default, Title, Date Added, and Total Uses. (This is how you can narrow down the type of template you are searching for)

Lastly,  when you have decided you want to choose a template there will be a green button “Use This” and a blue button “Preview”. (“Use this” will allow you to use and edit the template. “Preview” will allow you to just view it as an example)

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