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Building your Library - step by step
Building your Library - step by step

How the Eloops Library works, customizing and managing your app's content with your Library collections and articles.

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In the Library you store, organize and display a large number of resources, including articles that you create, PDF documents, or external links. Giving your employees access to these items straight from their app, at all times with your full control.

Select Manage on the left sidebar menu, under you will find the Library, after opening the library make sure you start with creating a new collection by clicking the + New collection button. This will help you to keep your library organized and linking your first article to a collection is a required step.

Give your collection a name with a short description, then click the Create button. Now you can see your new collection added to the left menu.

After creating your first collection you can go ahead and create your first article. Click the Create a new article button on the top right corner.

All article types will require these fields:

  • Folder - Select the collection for this article

  • Status - Draft/Published

  • Header Title - Name your article

  • Article Description - Type in a short description for future reference

  • Select a target for this article? This option links between the article you just created to one of the following: App home pages, Library, Polls & Surveys, Quizzes & Trivia.

Article options:

  • Write an article – This option gives you the ability to customize an article from scratch.

  • Upload a file – This option allows you to upload a file (PDF, pptx, doc, xlsx) and share it with your team. You can also enable your employees to download/email themselves this file.

  • Link to article – link your article to an external source by entering the URL.

Going back to all articles, you will see all your articles in one place ready for use.

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