The library is a very useful tool within our system that allows you to create articles, upload documents, and even link external resources that can be prominent for your members. Let’s learn even more about the useful sources the library holds!

First, you can create collections with the “+ New Collection” button. (This will help you to organize your articles you upload and create) Now, we can go over the types of articles you can create by clicking the blue button “+ Create a new article”. The options are:

  • “Write an article” (This will be where you create your own article with your own content)
  • “Folder” (This is for your created article, you can place it in a collection you have)
  • “Status” (This will be whether you want to make the article published or keep it a draft until ready)
  • “Header” (This will be the article title)
  • “Article Description” (This will be a description of the article you are creating)
  • “Upload a file” (This will be where you can upload a premade article or a PDF, PPT, Excel, etc.)

Finally, on each of the article options you will see a button to click “Select a target for this article?” (This will be what we call “Micro Courses” that you can link in your article) The options are:

  • “App home pages”
  • “Library”
  • “Polls & Surveys”
  • “Quizzes & Trivias”

All of these will be your past made creations that can become assets to your articles for content. They are very useful for your members to go from one article into the next poll, trivia game, form, etc.

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