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How To Customize The Look & Feel Of Your Eloops App
How To Customize The Look & Feel Of Your Eloops App

Make it clear that your Eloops App is an exclusive environment for your members only through customizing its look & feel.

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You can easily make your Eloops App your own in several ways:

1. Come up with a fun name for your app

2. Upload your choice of 'cover'

3. Choose the theme colors you'd like your app to use

Simply follow these steps to see your choices instantly implemented in your app!

Navigate to your Platform & App Settings page by selecting Admin then Settings in the left side menu.

In the first item 'General Information' you are invited to

1. Name your app

Enter a fun name for your app in the box next to Network Name

2. Choose a 'cover'

Upload your choice of 'cover' photo to appear at the top of the screen for your members in both mobile & web environments.

Your 'cover' can be your logo or any other graphic element you wish to appear here.

Simply upload your choice next to Change Mobile Photo & Change Web App Photo

Click the green Save button at the bottom of your screen & refresh for these items to be implemented.

Navigate to the 'Appearance & Branding' item further down the list on this same page to customize your app further

3. Choose theme colors

Here you get to choose the colors your app will use for icons & buttons.

Theme colors are usually your organizational/brand colors but it is entirely your choice!

When you click the box to the right of the fields, the color palette will pop-up for your use.

Simply enter your choices in both of these App Appearance & Branding fields.

Click the green Save Changes button at the bottom of your screen & refresh for your colors to be implemented.

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