The Admin Settings is very important because this will be how your app looks overall when employees download it. This will be the customization  your app for your members to view. Let’s get to customizing!

First, click the “Admin” on the sidebar then click “Settings” this will bring you to the customization side of the admin. Let’s go over all the options of customization in the settings.

  • General Information” (This will be where you can customize the Network name, change cover photo, Network description, and Time zone)

  • Time Zone is very important because this applies to all the dates and notifications released within the app.

  • Privacy & Permissions” (This focuses mainly on who can enter the app)

  • "Who can access your app?"

"Who can access your app?"

  • “Anyone with an invitation code can join”

  • “Only existing and ‘Confirmed’ members”

  • “No access-no one can access your app”

Joinable access to the app (This will be the type of member that can join your app)

  • “Confirmed”

  • “Pending”

  • “Require users to verify through SMS” (This is for maximum security)

“Appearance & Branding” (This will be how the app appears to your members)

  • Two options: Change the color of the app headers and Theme color (Icons, buttons, headers, etc.)

  • Custom Mobile Footer” (This will appear at the bottom of all your in-app content pages)

  • Custom CSS” (This is for the mobile app that allows you to customize the look and feel of your app)

  • Custom CSS” (This is for the admin dashboard that allows you to customize the look and feel of the dashboard)

“Welcome Message” (This is the push notification you will send to your members when they first join the app)

  • Upon sending the welcome message it will appear after one minute you send it. (Make sure to not keep clicking and spam your members)

Custom privacy policy/TOS” (This is meant for creating your own terms and making them official for your members)

Company Virtual Coins” (This is where you will set up your coin system and specifics)

  • Give the coin a name.

  • Change the color of the coin.

  • Create reward amount of each completion of actions within the app.

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