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Eloops support an integration to your own SFTP server, to import your members easily and automatically.

Adding and removing employees from your organisation can be done from your own SFTP server.



App Registration Setup

Eloops need to get access to your SFTP server directory. Please provide the following information to the Eloops’ team

  • Host name

  • Username

  • Password 


File name format

Eloops uses file format to validate the file and to export the file with the desired format. For example: MyCompanyName_01_01_2020_suffix.csv

Our support formats to be added to the file name

Prefix: MyCompanyName

Year: %year%

Month: %month%

Day: %day%

Hour: %hour%

Invitation Code: %invitation_code%

Suffix: Anything before the extension

File extension: .csv/.xslx (required)

Format Example: MyCompanyName_%month%_%day%_%year%_%hour%_%invitation_code%_suffix.csv

File example: MyCompanyName_12_09_2019_9_InvitationCode_mysuffix.csv

Note: All files should be in UTF-8 Format.


Final Tests

To make sure the integration is working, do the following:

  1. create a csv/xlsx file with your specific network csv/xlsx file columns and names format.

  2. Put it inside the SFTP server directory

  3. Check the Members page on the Admin Dashboard 

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