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Posting to the Feed with - Poster
Posting to the Feed with - Poster

Easily reach out to your employees by sharing posts through your Admin dashboard straight to the apps feed.

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The poster allows you to share posts & information with your employees in a fast and effective way. Your post can include an image, video, and text all in a single post. You can also choose to schedule the post for later and notify your members when something exciting is happening. Sharing what’s on your mind is just another way to engage with your team and encourage communication and collaboration.

Looking at the poster:

What’s on your mind – This is where you enter the text you want to share in your post.

Background Color – Give your post a background color to customize and make it stand out.

Sharing a photo or video:

The media bar - Allows you to upload photos or videos to the Apps feed, through a URL or uploading a file from your desktop. You can also choose emojis to add to your text!

At this point you can publish your post to the feed straight away by clicking the blue Publish Now button or use more sharing options:

Schedule for later? – This option will save your post and publish it for when you schedule it. You can control the date, time and minute your post will be published.

Notify Members? – By checking the notify box you send an instant push notification to all your team about the post you just shared (or when your scheduled post is live), this is a great way to maximize your views of the post and engagement of the team.

Push Notification Title - Don’t forget to add a meaningful Title to your push. The title is what the members will see on their screens when they get it.

Pin To Top? - This option allows you to pin a post to the top of the feed. Select the date and time you wish for your post to be pinned to top. This option suits important messages, challenges or any other post you want to prioritize. any post upload after that will appear under your pinned post.

Note: The push notification will be sent after 1 minute from the time you publish it.

All ready to hit the Save/ Publish Now button!

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