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Quizzes – Making your first quiz
Quizzes – Making your first quiz

Learn how to create a gamified work environment by engaging employees with Trivia Quizzes.

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With Trivia quizzes, you can create various types of experiences, allowing you to interact with the team and capture valuable insights. Use quizzes as a training tool or simply for engaging with your team in a gamified and unique way.

Select Engage on the left sidebar menu, under you will find Quizzes then click on the Create a New Quiz/Trivia button in the top right corner.

There are two choices for you to choose from - Browse all available Templates or Create a new Trivia from Scratch.

Starting from scratch:

STEP 1 - Select members by filter:

Who will see this Trivia? You have three options for selecting your members:

Members by Filter – This allows you to filter by:

  • Tags/segments that you defined before

  • Members current status (confirmed, pending, inactive)

  • Specific Groups

  • Current status within the Group

  • Managers only

Specific Members - Search by employee/member name.

Save for future use – Create but don’t publish yet.

STEP 2 – Enter Questions:

Under Enter Questions you control the Quiz settings:

  • Do not display the leaderboard to members – Checking this box hides the results from the participants. It gives you the ability to announce winners at a different time and in another way, creating anticipation and allowing you to get creative with your employees.

  • Do not show correct/wrong answer to the user – By marking this box, you let the user go forward to the next question even if submitted a wrong answer.

    Tip: when building an educational quiz, we suggest not checking this box, so the employee can get feedback immediately and learn from their mistakes.

  • Do not show the counting up timer – This option will hide the counting timer from your quiz screen (although the timer is not visible to the participant, this data is still available on the admins' side).

Trivia Intro – This is the first screen your employees see when they start the quiz. There is a default screen placed in every quiz, but you can customize it to match your needs.

Trivia Title – Here you name your quiz.

Note: you also have the option to set an expiry date for this quiz. responses required prior to this date.

Add a New Question Vs. Add Trivia Question

Add Trivia Question (most used) – A Standard quiz type of question that allows you to create the answers and select the correct one by checking it on the left.

For example:

Add a New Question – Gives you the option to add a different type of question to your quiz (e.g if you want the last question to be "Rate this quiz" - using the scale rating option shown below).

Options Overview:

  • Multiple Choice
    Respondent is asked to choose one or more items from a limited list of choices.

  • Open Question
    Sentence based feedback using an open text field.

  • Custom Content
    This allows you to add an informative text/media field that doesn't require an answer from the participant (e.g clarification about the previous question).

  • Scale Rating
    The participant is asked to rate a subject from a scale of 1-5.

  • Slider Rating
    The participant is asked to rate a subject from a range that you predefine.

Pro Tips:

- Adding a picture or custom content - next to the title of each question you can click the More options button to add an image or custom content.

- Changing the order of your questions - By clicking the icon on the top left of each question you can Drag and Drop according to the order you want.

STEP 3 - Thank you & EL Coins reward options

Thanking your participants for taking the quiz is always recommended, as well as rewarding them with your companies' branded virtual coins!

Under these setting configurations, you can do both!

Type the thank you message you want your team to see when the quiz is submitted.

Below the “Thank you message” box, you will find the “Virtual Coins” box, this is where you can decide the number of coins you want to reward your members with.

STEP 4 - Share & Publish

Share this Quiz as a template – By checking this box you will share your survey with other admins, allowing them to reuse the quiz you have published. You can configure the quiz to only be available within your organization. You are required to add a description before sharing.

Schedule delivery or release manually - you have the choice to schedule the delivery of the quiz to your needs. By checking the box "I do not want to send or schedule” you can manually send out the quiz at your convenience.

Before finishing double check! then click the Create button.

Browsing all available Templates:

If you decide to use a pre-made template, Return to the menu, select Engage on the right sidebar menu, under you will find Quizzes then click on Create a New Quiz/ Trivia button in the top right corner. Then select Browse all available templates.

  • Default Sorting - With the drop-down bar on the left you can sort all templates by title, date added, or total uses.

  • Type to search - Search for a particular template/subject you are looking for.

Use This - To use the template and edit it. Click the green button.

Preview - Prior to editing, view this template.

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