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Microsoft Teams Integration
Microsoft Teams Integration

Now you can integrate Eloops with your Microsoft Teams! Learn how to set up your profile today!

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The Eloops integration with Microsoft Teams allows you to send peer 2 peer coins, pick & purchase rewards from the Store, view your Wallet, engage with content and activate Loopo the Bot all within MS Teams. By adding the Eloops extension to your Teams you get fast & easy access to the main features of the app and engage with your team seamlessly.

Before adding the Eloops app to your MS Teams, make sure that you have an active Eloops account - contact your organization's HR manager to get the initial details needed for login (that includes email and invitation code).

Eloops Setup

Step 1 - Install the app

Go to Apps on your Teams and search for Eloops, select the app and click the Add button. Once done, you will be asked to log in to your Eloops account.

Connect your account

Enter your work email and your MS work email password. After entering these details click the Sign in button, now you are in and the integration is done!

Using a Single Sign On Login

Enter Invitation code - A unique code that you are required to enter in order to join your company network. After that enter your work email and click the Continue button.

How to transfer/send peer 2 peer coins

P2P recognition coins can be added to your balance via your company's P2P allowance, or received from peers' transactions.

Select the Transfer tab, now select your co-worker you want to transfer the coins to by typing his or her name under the 'Transfer to' field.

The next step will be to choose the number of coins you want to transfer, type in the desired amount - making sure there is a sufficient balance that is displayed in the gray text below. Select Continue.

Under Company Values, you select the value that reflects the reason for your transfer, you can select more than one! Also, you have the ability to add a note that your co-worker will see when they get the transfer. Checking the Notify recipient box will send out a push notification to the other side informing a transfer has accrued. Then select the Send P2P Coins button.

Store - How to pick your Rewards

Select the Store tab, here you are can view the items available in your company's customized store and select items to purchase with your virtual coins.

By clicking on an item you will see more information about it and be able to complete your purchase. Just click the green 'Get it' button on the bottom and your order will be sent to the store manager.

Make sure you have a sufficient balance that is displayed in the gray text below.

Newest items in the store will be displayed on the bottom of the screen - stay updated!

How to view your Wallet

Select the Wallet tab, under My Wallet you can see your current coin balance.
Below you can see your P2P coin balance which is separated from the total amount, this section is intended only for P2P transfers.

Under the Activity tab, you will find all your transaction history.

Under My Orders tab, you will find confirmed & pending orders, plus you can visit the Store directly from your Wallet.

How to engage with content

Select the Inbox tab, under this tab you can find all your company's communications that come from the Eloops app. These include messages, challenges, Polls & Surveys, Quizzes and all company activities. Through this tab you can participate directly with all content straight from the Teams channel.

Bot Commands

To install the Bot, please click on the three dots menu at the bottom of your chat conversation

Bot commands

  • Sign-in: If you haven't signed in to your Eloops account yet, you can use the sign-in command!

  • P2P: If you would like to send peer to peer recognition and transfer coins to your colleagues, you can use the p2p command.

  • Wallet: If you would like to check your virtual coins balance, you can use the p2p command.

  • Store: If you would like to check the store or pick your reward, you can use the store.

Eloops Dashboard Setup

Enable Microsoft Teams on Eloops Apps Marketplace to enable messages delivery directly from Eloops' dashboard.

Select Explore on the left sidebar menu, then click on Apps. Search for the Teams App in the search bar and click on the green 'Get it' button.

Next Step

Go to your left sidebar menu, Select Chats there you will find a message from Loopo the Eloops bot. Click Sign In once, then Click Sign In once again in the second message that pops-up.

All Done & ready for your use!

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