With this article you will get accesses to our beta version that will allow you to view and test new features, bug fixes and more. Let's get started:

Please go through the following steps:

  1. Go to the Play store

  2. Search for Eloops

  3. Enter the Eloops page inside the PlayStore

  4. Scroll down and search for "Join Beta"

  5. Click the "Join the beta" button

6. Close the PlayStore (Full termination of the app)

7. Open the PlayStore again

8. Search for Eloops

9. Tap the Update Button (You should see "(beta)" in the title of the app as well). Also you should see: You are a beta tester

Extra - Make sure you are in the right version:

1. Tap the "About this app"

2. Scroll down

3. See the app version

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