Employee Recognition is proven to be one of the main ingredients for employee happiness in organizations today. Why do we need our employees to be happy? Happy employees are the most engaged and motivated employees, and that engagement and motivation has a direct effect on a company’s bottom line.

Are you looking to make the most of Recognition as a part of your company culture? Eloops has what you need! Eloops’ Recognition feature can help you make Employee Recognition easy, frequent and fun. Harness the power of Recognition to strengthen your work culture and ensure your workforce gets appreciated for living the values that matter to you and your organization.

Read on to learn how to make the most of Recognition to meet your employee engagement objectives.

Eloops customers can choose to use our Recognition tool in a variety of ways – here we will examine how it works and the powerful benefits it delivers.

1. Set Your Values - Align your employees with your values.

The first step in your Recognition journey is to set your values. Define and understand what matters most to your organization and clearly state them as your core values in your employee engagement app. Being clear with your values statements brings clarity to your workforce and is a fundamental part of creating the company culture you desire.

In addition, you can include further Recognition Values to directly influence, encourage and reward the actions and behavior you want to promote in your workforce. More personal values that employees can be recognized for can be added on a temporary or permanent basis. Some popular examples of these are: #ThanksForTheHelp #Thankyou #Kindness #Fun #YouRock.

Customization with your specific company values provides your employees with the opportunity to recognize their colleagues (and be recognized themselves) for ‘living’ these values. And an important additional layer of value is delivered through encouraging Recognition also for other reasons, like helping each other out, making them smile, or just for being awesome!

2. Automated Allowance – Recognition coins for all to transfer

Including an automated allowance of coins to be used exclusively for Recognition is a Recognition game-changer!

This highly recommended feature allows you (or us on your behalf) to send out a certain amount of coins each week on a ‘use them or lose them’ basis. Combined with notifications about their allowance being refreshed at the start of the week, and reminders about it being about to expire at the end of the week, employees are encouraged to develop the habit of appreciating their workmates through Peer-to-Peer Recognition.

From a starting point of all receiving the same amount of transferable coins, each employee gets to choose WHO they wish to transfer to, HOW MANY coins they wish to send them and the reason WHY. The ‘why’ also has 2 components; they select one or more of the #values you have entered into your ‘values’ list, and they are invited to add a note in their own words. Each transfer transaction concludes with both the giver and the receiver experiencing a celebratory ‘confetti’ screen, completing the loop of this powerful activity!

An additional option is to give extra Recognition power to your managers. Sending an increased allowance to managers to use as they see appropriate very much boosts the integration and building of a culture of recognition and appreciation in your organization. Managers taking the lead can influence the whole workforce and bring everyone closer to the desired company culture. Managers actively ‘modelling’ Recognition activity inspires your employees to actively recognize too! And if you have some managers who need encouragement/reminders to recognize those who report to them on a regular basis, this Eloops feature effortlessly supports it happening easily and consistently.

All you have to do is decide on the amount, and the day and time for the weekly allowance to be sent out to your employees, and then let the magic happen!

3. Recognition Insights – What can be learned from P2P recognition activity?

Admins get to unlock unique insights generated from the engagement and interactions between employees around recognition activities. You will be able to monitor who are your most recognized and most appreciative employees, understand which are the most recognized departments or divisions, and gain a sense of your most resonant company values.

And having access to such insights opens-up a further powerful way to generate even more engagement…

4. Recognition Announcements – How to leverage your Recognition activities

What are recognition announcements? While the Peer-to-Peer and manager Recognition activities that happen in the app are ‘private’ transactions, Recognition Announcements are a way to translate them into public appreciation of your employees.

Why is it important to announce? In our experience, closing the loop in this way works to make your employees feel even more appreciated and both strengthens and encourages the recognition culture within the company. Private and personal Recognition certainly boosts morale and motivation, and creating a ‘public’ celebration of it boosts it even more. Who doesn’t like to be recognized, appreciated and acknowledged for their character strengths and hard work!

Which employees can you announce? There are a variety of options to choose from, some examples are:

  • the employee who got recognized the most in the workforce (ie who got the highest number of coins transferred to them)

  • the employee that recognized others the most (ie who sent out the most coins to their workmates – it is important to give as well as to receive!)

  • the department or team that shines the most, as givers and as receivers

Where can you announce? Effectively, everywhere your employees are! Make sure everyone gets to see what matters for your company. You can

  • Post in your app Feed (highly recommended)

  • Create physical posters for your work environment

  • Send out in an all-company email

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