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3 Ways To Make The Most Of Gamified Quizzes In Your Employee Engagement App
3 Ways To Make The Most Of Gamified Quizzes In Your Employee Engagement App

Want to get your employees excited about learning something new? Or give them the chance to have a little all-important fun at work?

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Want to get your employees excited about learning something new? Or give them the chance to have a little all-important fun at work? Gamified Quizzes are your answer! A major challenge for employee education is how to get employees on board and the solution is with Gamification. Whether just for fun or for Learning & Development, you can easily achieve the gamified experience everyone is looking for with your Eloops Employee Engagement App.

Here you will find out how to make the most of our Quizzes feature to achieve your different engagement goals. If you are already a part of Eloops this article will break it all down for you. You will understand how and when you can use each tool to get the highest possible engagement rates from all of the Quizzes you implement.

Defining The Quiz Purpose | Quiz Goal

First, you need to determine what it is you want your quiz to deliver – is its purpose learning & development? Is it for checking important information is understood? Or is it purely for the fun of a competitive experience? There is a different approach for each:

  1. Quick Quiz – This type of quiz/approach is mainly to get some adrenalin pumping and to give the employee a fun experience, even during work hours! It offers them a few minutes of ‘lighten-up’ time. The content you’ll use here is intentionally ‘light’ so it will usually be trivia around fun, popular and intriguing topics that tests their general knowledge. Using a visible timer and creating a Leaderboard works to bring out their competitive side and create even more enthusiasm for engaging with the Quiz.

  2. Important work-related topics in the spotlight - Whether it’s focus is motivation, work culture, or learning about teamwork or the impact of employee happiness, this will be engaging, thought-provoking content you want them to take their time with so we recommend leaving the timer out. Through this Quiz format you are able to target and communicate important messages, grow awareness and deliver knowledge, in a gamified fun way that is likely to stay with your employees for the long-term.

  3. Memorable Content Quiz – Here is a way to give your employees a short but relevant test-like quiz experience. We recommend using this type of Quiz for learning and/or refreshing specific professional knowledge you want them to master or be educated about. Examples might be : behavioral guidelines, cyber security, health & safety procedures. You can help your employees assess their knowledge and acquire more, all within your employee engagement app. Also, by viewing their responses you can gain valuable insights on the levels of knowledge within and across your workforce and take action if indicated. Here again we recommend leaving the timer out to let your employees go through these subjects with more ease.

    Eloops provides you with all the gamification features you need to give your employees (and yourself!) the best experience with and results from engaging quizzes. Here is how these highly effective tools work:

  • Playing against the clock - By displaying a Running Timer, the element of competition is emphasized and creates the gamified feeling we know works best. The timer encourages employees to get the answer right as quickly as possible & creates the personal challenge to get themselves a great score.

  • Leaderboard - This is a strong tool that takes the gamification up a notch! Now the competition is not only to create and break your own record, but there are other people involved in the game as well. At all times employees can view the leaderboard and see how many colleagues have already participated in the Quiz– creating powerful FOMO (fear of missing out) that encourages greater participation across your workforce.

  • Correct/Wrong Answer – This is another powerful tool that will help you customize your quizzes. With this setting you can decide if to display the correct/wrong answer to the employee. If the quiz has educational purposes, you will choose to keep them answering until they get it right! But if the quiz is more about competition, we recommend not displaying if they got it right or wrong, and only let them find out at the end!

  • Coins & Rewards - The cherry on top that can make every one of your quizzes more powerful – each question answered brings your employee one step closer to winning Virtual Coins! This is a major motivator for employees to get involved and a proven way to keep your employees engaged. You can reward your employees with coins each time they participate, so they are incentivized to keep collecting and get closer to redeeming for rewards of their own choosing in your company’s virtual store.


Quick Quiz – When you want to give your employees a few minutes of fun, this is the way to go! Generate some positive emotions by using the fun pre-made content from the Eloops Marketplace. This is how quick and easy it can be for you to deliver a quiz experience that your employees not only enjoy but also creates a sense of achievement and success.

Insights/Educational Quiz – We never stop learning! In the Eloops Marketplace you will find a variety of Insights & Educational Quiz pre-made content that can help you provide added value of this kind to your employees. This unique Eloops Quiz format makes it easy for you to engage and intrigue, while educating in a fun and gamified way.

Memorable Content Quiz – Within this quiz format, one of the gamified options you can go for is a Double or Nothing type question; here you reward only those who get the question right. Our recommendation is to make these questions about professional topics, around your employees’ daily work or company values, for example – this way you also get to collect data on your workforce’s current levels of knowledge!

Now that you know about all the tools you have available in Eloops to get your workforce more engaged through Quizzes, get started with building your own gamified Quiz!

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