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Dive into our NEW Challenges feature
Dive into our NEW Challenges feature

Challenges, our latest feature release, is a powerful tool to drive employee engagement on your feed. Learn how to use it!

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To get started, select Engage on the left sidebar menu; under it, you will find Challenges. Select Challenges, then click on the Create New Challenge button in the top right corner.

Create a challenge - General Settings

On the left side of the screen, you will find all the setup fields to create the challenge; on the right side, you can see your challenge built up as you go through each step.

We start with setting up the General settings of the challenge:

  • Title - visible to any admin that has access to the dashboard (not to your employees).

  • Choose challenge type - choose if you want the employees to participate by commenting on the challenge post or uploading a new post to the feed. Plus, determine the type of submission required; text, photo, video, or any combination of these types - select accordingly.

  • Placeholder - enter an example text for submission to help your employees get started.


  • #Hashtag - enter an engaging hashtag for your challenge. You need not enter the # sign - it will appear automatically.

  • Heading - enter the title of the challenge that will be visible to your employees in the app.

  • Description - here is where you write the challenge itself - describe what the challenge is, give some guidelines and invite your employees to join and take part.

  • Content alignment - select accordingly.

  • Background color - choose a color that will make your challenge pop out in the feed and complements the color of your main graphicwork.

  • Upload Media - go ahead and add the main graphic of your challenge by dragging and dropping or by selecting "upload media."

    * If you select "I do not want to use media for this challenge," your challenge will appear as a text-only post.

  • Button label - the call to action your employees will click on to participate in the challenge (text limit: **). You can select a font color by clicking on the paint drop on the right side of the field.

  • Button background color - what do you want your button color to be?

  • How much would you like to reward? - any employee that submits the challenge will get awarded the number of coins you set here, unless 1) you select the manually approve submissions option, in which case employees will receive coins only after an admin's approval or 2) you select the do not award coins on submission, in which case no coins will be awarded.

Additional Settings

  • Limit participation - limit the times each employee can submit the challenge (as each submission is rewarded with coins).

  • Limit total submissions - if you want to spice things up a bit, limit the number of total submissions (for example, "the first ten employees to submit the challenge win...").

  • Set expiration date - give a specific time frame for your employees to submit their challenges.

Promotion options

  • Pin to top - pin your challenge to the top of the feed

  • Make featured - promote the challenge and make sure no one misses it! You can set a different cover graphic, heading, and description.

Save to

Add the challenge to an existing collection or create a new collection of challenges.

Publish Settings

Publish as - select who will appear as the author of the challenge

Select one of the following - Send now, Schedule or Manually release (save for now and send later).

Push title - type in the push message your employees will receive on their phones once you publish the challenge.

Create and share on feed

When you click the Create and share on feed button, your challenge will be sent, scheduled, or saved for later release, depending on the publish settings you selected.

Manage Challenges

Here you can view all of your challenges, displayed by date from most to least recent.

You can change the order of the displayed items by the columns: Title, Hashtag, Type, Create date and time, Publish date and time, Collection, Sent, Submissions, and Participation.

You can also filter the challenges to see only scheduled challenges, post challenges, comment challenges, or challenges with unreviewed new submissions. You can also filter challenges by collection or use the free search field on the top right of your screen.

When a challenge is selected in the table, you can delete it by clicking the red Delete button or to add it to a different collection by clicking the Change collection button and marking the relevant collection.

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