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How to appreciate your employees and celebrate their special days using ‘Moments’
How to appreciate your employees and celebrate their special days using ‘Moments’

'Moments' provides an easy way to celebrate & enhance meaningful employee moments. Find out how to make the most of this innovative feature.

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We all want to be recognized for what we do and appreciated for who we are. This is true in our professional lives as much as in our personal lives. Feeling valued by our employer, managers, and teammates makes us happier and more productive at work while feeling unappreciated makes us more likely to quit.

Appreciating your employees needn’t cost much – a greeting card on their birthday or a few kind words that show you care are small gestures that can make a big difference for your workforce. The challenge for employers is doing these small things systematically and at scale and leaving no employee feeling left out.

Our Moments feature is designed to address this challenge by making it easy for companies to celebrate and enhance every meaningful employee moment. It is also a perfect solution for the many companies opting for a remote/hybrid work model and needing to celebrate their employees' special days at a distance.

Read on to find out more about the feature and how to make the most of it.

What is a 'moment'?

A ‘moment’ is an online personalized greeting page from the company to an individual employee. On the employee’s special day, they receive a celebratory message (email, SMS, or push notification) with a link to view their ‘moment.’

While the content of the page can be incredibly rich and personalized – including gif or video greetings from colleagues, a message from a company leader, a gift from the company, and an in-app activity, admins needn’t work hard to create a different one for each employee.

After defining the standard message and “add-ons” for a particular moment type (e.g., birthday), admins activate an automatic process that sends each employee a link to their moment on the appropriate day. In that sense, the feature provides a true plug-and-play experience. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting an employee’s special day or giving employees unequal treatment; the process is both automatic and standardized.

What to celebrate with Moments?

Moments are perfect for special days that occur on different dates for different employees - such as employee birthdays and work anniversaries, but they are also an excellent solution for marking holidays and recognizing entire teams/employee segments on a particular day.

Birthday moments: make employees feel special on their birthday and get their whole team involved in the celebration!

  • Create a festive “Happy Birthday” banner that will appear at the top of each employee’s birthday moment.

  • Include a standard message from a company leader.

  • Add on a team greeting – a virtual version of the group card that’s secretly passed around the office before employee birthdays. Each teammate will receive an invitation to create a birthday greeting the day before. Once the teammate clicks on the link in the invitation, they will be able to write a birthday message and choose a gif or upload media from their own device.

  • Depending on your budget, you can also add a birthday gift: an Eloops gift card redeemable at hundreds of stores, a set number of company coins, an item from your virtual reward store, a link to some other gift, or a message about a gift that the employee will be receiving.

  • Add on a birthday challenge, for example, one inviting the employee to post a picture of himself blowing out birthday candles as a child. This picture will appear on the main company feed, giving all colleagues and not only teammates an opportunity to comment and greet.

Work anniversary moments: employees choose to stay with your company every day. Celebrate your ongoing satisfaction with one another at least once a year – on the employee’s work anniversary.

  • As for birthdays, create a special banner and leader greeting and invite teammates to create fun and personal cards.

  • You can also give a modest gift to mark the anniversary.

  • Encourage your employees to focus and reflect on what’s fun about working for your company with our Fun @ Work Survey.

Holidays: streamline your holiday greetings and gifting with Moments.

  • Send holiday greetings from a company leader.

  • Give a holiday gift if your budget allows.

  • Engage all employees in a fun activity to get everyone in the spirit of the holiday. Create your own or choose from our wide selection of holiday-themed activities such as our Best Christmas Tree Challenge or ‘How you doin’?’ – a quiz about Friends Thanksgiving episodes.

Special days for professionals: show employees you recognize and appreciate their special skills, professional contribution, and investment in training by sending moments to employee segments on their special days. Here are some examples:

  • Teacher’s day – December 17th

  • Doctor’s day – March 30th

  • Nurse’s appreciation day – May 6th

  • Be kind to lawyer’s day – April 14th

  • Accountant day – May 19th

Spot bonuses: does your organization recognize employees for going over and above with spot bonuses? If so, use Moments to inform the outstanding employee and make this happy event truly festive.

  • Include a greeting from a company leader, thanking the employee for their extraordinary service!

  • Include a message with the bonus amount.

  • Encourage your top performers to reflect on what gets them truly excited about their job with our What is Your Passion at Work Challenge.

No matter the size of your rewards and recognition budget, there are many opportunities to boost each employee’s sense of being valued and appreciated by your organization. Moments makes it easy and simple to take advantage of these opportunities and build a happier workforce, even when your employees are working remotely.

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