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Learn How to Use the Eloops Slack App
Learn How to Use the Eloops Slack App

All you need to know to use our Slack integration

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To use Eloops in Slack, your organization's admin will need to add the Eloops Slack app.

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How do I give recognition in Slack?

There are two main ways to give recognition right in Slack once you have integrated Eloops with Slack.

Using the 'Give recognition' button

Once the Eloops Slack app has been added by your admin, you will see Eloops in your list of apps under 'Apps.' Click on "Eloops" to begin giving recognition.

Slack will bring up the Eloops Slack app menu where you can earn company coins by participating in activities, give recognition with the click of a button, view your coin status, and redeem coins for rewards.

Next, you can give recognition to a colleague by clicking Give recognition.

A popup will appear to start giving recognition. Complete each field; enter the name of the colleague you want to recognize, the number of coins you want to give them, the company values you want to recognize them for, and an optional message of appreciation.

Once you're ready, select the Submit button, and you're done! The person you've selected will receive a recognition notification in both Slack and Eloops.

Using the /give function in Slack

Click on any channel or Direct Message (DM) and type in /give. The same recognition popup that appears upon clicking 'Give recognition' will appear. Enter your recognition information, click the green Send button when you're ready, and that's it!

Recognition-Received Notifications

With Eloops for Slack, you get immediate notifications letting you know that you've received recognition!

The Eloops Slack app is a private Direct Message (DM) located in the Recent Apps section of your Slack dashboard. This is where you'll see notifications when you receive recognition.

To see the full notification, click on "Eloops" and then on the Messages tab, where you'll see all the recognition you've received in chronological order.

How do I earn company coins?

From time to time, you will receive messages from your organization inviting you to participate in challenges, surveys, and quizzes. These invitations will also appear in the Messages tab of your Eloops Slack app.

To participate in an activity, simply click 'View Message' and proceed with the activity in the Eloops app.

Once you're done, you will receive a designated number of company coins for completion!

How do I redeem my coins for a reward?

You can redeem the coins you've earned/received from colleagues for rewards in your organization's reward store. To access the store, go to the Home tab and click 'Pick a reward.'

Where do I see how many coins I have?

Coin Status

In the Home tab of your Eloops Slack app, you can view your live coin status, which includes:

  • The total number of coins you've accumulated and can redeem

  • The number of recognition coins remaining for you to give this month (each month, you'll receive a monthly allowance of coins that can be used exclusively for giving recognition to colleagues)

  • Your recognition stats to date - the total number of recognition coins you've given and received from colleagues

  • The values you've been recognized for

Review additional coin activity in your Eloops wallet

To review additional information and stats about your coin activity, click 'View wallet' in the Home tab. Discover which activities you've earned the most coins from, view your coin activity graph, and review a detailed history of your coin activity.


How do I add Eloops to my slack?

Eloops will be added to your Slack by your company admin, and you should be able to see Eloops in your list of apps. If your organization has yet to add Eloops to your Slack, go to the Slack app store, search for Eloops and click.

How do I get my recognition allowance?

Your organization will send you a monthly allowance of coins, which you can only use to give recognition to your colleagues.

In which channels can I give recognition?

Any Slack channel 😁

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