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Get to know the Insights area of your Eloops dashboard where you can view & measure all engagement activity that generates coins & become better informed to optimize your results.

You can use insights to:

· Measure the number of interactions per employee & by department/location/site

· Drill down to view performance per feature

· Recognize trends and measure the impact of specific efforts

· Export all data to excel at the click of a button to create reports to share internally

1. Select Insights from the left side menu, then you can enter some choices in the boxes at the top right of your screen.

Here you can

- select the dates for any time period you are interested in

- see data for all employees or select specific ‘tags’

- choose ‘show interactions’ to see every individual action (& actual comments if part of P2P activity)

And when you have made your selections, simply click ‘reload’

2. You will see you have several clickable tab headings to the left side of the graph area on your screen

Here is what each will show you in numbers in the tables below and on the graph when you click them

All = Comprehensive measurements of ALL app activity across ALL members & activity types

Automated = Data relating to your automated activity only, such as coins awarded for birthdays/anniversaries.

Manual = Data arising from admins awarding coins on a discretionary basis.

Engagement = Data about interactions with all content & feed activity such as posts/likes/comments/surveys/quizzes and more

Store = Data reflecting activity in your reward store such as number of transactions & most popular items selected

P2P = Data showing all P2P activity, sending/receiving, amounts, most resonant values & actual reasons/comments given

3. Now, here are some examples to illustrate the richness of the information you can access & explore in your Insights area!

After clicking the ‘Engagement’ tab you can gain a very full picture of who & what is driving engagement at your organization as you can see

- top interaction types, such as posts/likes/comments, completion of surveys

- top engaged members by number of interactions & coins earned

- top content items by actual item eg Happiness Survey, CEO Quiz

- top engaged tags eg departments, locations, job titles

After clicking the ‘P2P’ tab you can gain a very full picture of who & what is driving your ‘recognition’ culture at your organization as you can see

- the number of P2P sending & receiving interactions & the number of coins involved

- your top members who are sending most & most often & your top members who are most ‘recognized’ ie receiving most & most often

- the most chosen values selected relating to the recognition being sent

- the tags eg departments, locations, job titles that are most active in P2P activity

- the actual comments/reasons given for recognition being sent

Pro-Tip : when you click the P2P tab you will notice further clickable areas appear to the right, these enable you to further filter & view the data relating to sending or receiving etc ONLY in the tables below (rather than as a summary) if you wish

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