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Get To Know Eloops’ Recognition Feature
Get To Know Eloops’ Recognition Feature

Explore the powerful peer-to-peer recognition feature Eloops has built for you to create a culture of appreciation at your organization.

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Everyone likes their work efforts to be noticed & small gestures of appreciation can make a big difference to motivation & morale across your whole workforce.

Recognition by Eloops makes it easy for your employees to appreciate & recognize in a way that aligns with your stated company values, through the transfer of virtual coins to each other on a regular basis.

1. How It Works – Information & Admin Settings

Here is how you as the Admin make the feature very much your own, by customizing with your values, choosing the coins allowance & setting the sending & receiving limits you’d like in place.

Navigate to the Peer-to-Peer Recognition App by selecting Explore then Apps in the left side menu of your dashboard.

When you click on ‘Get It’ you will see a screen with 3 tabs.

Under the Description tab you will find information about how you can make best use of this powerful feature.

Under the Getting Started tab you will find a link for you to launch the P2P transfer app for your users.

Under the Settings tab you will find 3 drop down areas:

  • General Settings

  • Company Values

  • Limitations

Click on General Settings to make your choices regarding:

  • Requiring comments for every transaction

  • Hiding the Peer-2-Peer feature from users

  • Sending a notification to the recipient on a successful transaction

  • Allowing users to choose whether or not to send a notification to their recipient

  • Should employees who have not downloaded Eloops and joined your app receive an e-mail notification for receiving P2P Points

Click on Company Values to enable & enter your company values. This will allow your members to pick values with every P2P transaction they make. Here you can also choose whether to require them always to pick at least one company value.

Pro-Tip : Enter your values as ‘hashtags’ like this eg #Teamwork #BeOurBestSelves #Innovation

Click on Limitations if you wish to set a limit on the number of coins that can be sent to one member by another during a specific period of time. You can also set a limit for the number of P2P coins that can be earned by each member here.

Click on the green Save Changes button & you are all set!

2. How It Works – Employee Experience

Here are the ways your employees will experience the feature both as a sender & receiver of recognition.

  • Recognition coins allowance

According to your choice, each of your employees will receive a monthly allowance of virtual coins specifically to transfer to their workmates. They cannot retain these coins for themselves! And they are provided on a ‘use them or lose them’ basis.

  • Sending recognition

There are three places from which your employees can send recognition coins

- by clicking Give Recognition in their left side menu

- by clicking the Send Recognition button on their My Wallet screen

- by clicking the 3 dots that appear top right on all posts in your feed

They can also choose whether to make their recognition ‘public’ by sharing their appreciation for colleagues directly on the feed for everyone to see, so long as their recipient has not disabled this option in their profile. (Not everyone wants to receive public recognition). They will also receive a ‘Thank you for sending’ message to reinforce their generous behavior!

  • Receiving recognition

The recipient will receive a push notification that the sender has sent them recognition coins.

They can view the number of coins, the values they are being recognized for & the sender’s message in the Activity area in their Wallet.

And if the recognition is ‘public’, they will also receive a notification that the sender has just recognized them on a post & the post with all its details can be seen by all of your members in the feed.

We hope you & your employees enjoy our Recognition feature!

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