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Adding or importing your members to Eloops
Adding or importing your members to Eloops

Easily add new members manually or import a file from Excel or in CSV format.

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Along with the “Invite” tab to get people to join your app, you will find the “Members” tab right below it. This will give you optimal organization of who is coming into the app and whether they have been confirmed yet as a member. Let's go through the steps!

First, once you are in the members tab, you will find a green button in the top right corner that says “+ Add new members”. This is where you will find two of the following options to add members.

  • Manually: If you have the content of each individual, you can type their name, phone number, and most importantly an email giving them access to confirm themselves.

  • Uploading from File: This file must be an Excel Worksheet from your computer. With this option, you can upload this automatically instead of manually typing in names like the first option. Below where it says “Click here to download a template to work on” will give you a template of your own to use. 

Before adding the bulk upload file, there are three important check boxes to go over:

  • “Send a full report with results?” - This will send you a log to your email.

  • “Add a tag with the date and time of the import for each member” -This will add a tag to the user with the time he entered the member list you uploaded files for organization purposes.

  • “Update existing members with new data supplied”- This will let your existing members know of the new data you have entered.

Second, at the top of your member list you can see the tab column “All, Confirmed, Pending, Inactive, and Downloaded App”. (This allows you to see the types of members you have in your list for organizational purposes)

Under each name in the “Status” column you can click for a drop down and make them “Confirmed, Pending, or Inactive”. (This will allow you to determine the status of your members)

Lastly, you have the ability to manage your tags in your members list. By clicking the blue button “Manage Tags” it will bring you to the page where you can “Create a New Tag” in the top right corner. (This will help you to seek out certain people of common interest for polls, forms, etc.) You have a couple options on how to customize the tag:

This is for if you would like to rename your tag and description.

-“Members List”
This will show you what members are under your tag.

This is for simply deleting the existing tag.

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