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How To Add & Invite People To Become Part Of Your Eloops App
How To Add & Invite People To Become Part Of Your Eloops App

Easily create the member list for your app & invite everyone to get in the loop!

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You have three options:

  1. You can add members manually one by one

  2. You can import a list of members from a file

  3. You can get an invite link to copy and send in any external channel

From the top right corner of your Eloops dashboard, click Add Members and select one of these options from the dropdown menu.

1. To 'Add members manually':

  • Select Add members manually from the dropdown menu

  • Decide whether to add only the mandatory fields (first name, last name & work email or mobile number) or to include additional profile fields to 'power-up' your member list for later - simply activate the show all columns toggle to explore them

  • Enter the information for each person you want to add

  • Use the + Add More button to keep adding people

  • Click the blue Add Members button when you are done

Note: You will notice above the Add Members button that Send Invitation is auto-enabled - all the members you have added will automatically receive an invitation message by email &/or sms that includes their invitation code & a Get Started button for them to join. You need to uncheck this to cancel sending the invitation.

2. To import a list of members from a file:

  • Select Import members from file from the dropdown menu

  • Click Select an Excel or CSV file from your computer. (If you don't yet have a file, you can click Download a template to work on).

  • Select the file you want to upload and click Open.

  • Review the list, then click Add members.

3. To invite members with link:

  • Select Get invite link from the dropdown menu

  • Copy the link to paste into your own email/sms message to invite them to join

Note: Members will be able to login to your app or request access according to your Members Access Control settings.

Pro tip: Sometimes people may not have received their invitation. Admins can easily resend the invitation so these employees can activate their account.

  1. Navigate to your Members page from the Manage section in your side menu

  2. Select the people you want to resend the invitation to and click on the bulk actions button above

  3. Click Resend invitation

  4. Click Resend invite in the pop-up to confirm the action

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