You want everyone to use your amazing app you have created but how will you do so? With the Invite Section, you can send employees the direct link to the app so they will know what to in minutes. There are a couple steps to follow:

First, click the “Manage” tab and the first section that will appear at the top is “Invite”. This will bring you the page to invite who you would like to enter into your app.

Second, at the top of the page you have a link titled “Instructions and download link to share”. This will be the link you can copy and paste for people to send them to the App Store or Google Play to download the Eloops app with invitation code attached.

Third, another way of sending the code for your app can be through the “Scannable QR Code” This will allow people with the Eloops scanner which is our very own QR scanner within the app. You can also use any type of QR scanner code app to access the app.

Lastly, you have a couple ways to share your app via social media and even SMS at the bottom of the page. This is also where you can invite users through Facebook and Twitter to increases app engagement. 

As far as SMS goes (Text Messages), you will want to click the “Communicate” tab and then click the “SMS Message” tab. This will allow you to send a text message to people you want to become Eloops users.

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