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Eloops Talent Integration
Eloops Talent Integration

Learn how to integrate Eloops to your organization via Talent

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Talent is a set of tools which empowers your HR and people managers. Eloops integrates to Talent to bring more power to Talent with Eloops’ custom data sharing and PowerApp.

There are several benefits of using such service:

  • Share information between your organization and Eloops, example: Eloops’ points can be shared and sync with Talent and may be shown under the employee’s information

  • Adding and removing employees from your organization can be done from your own user management tool (Talent)

  • You may add an extra layer of security/limitation to your users via the service you are using, example: changing the user’s status on Talent will be updated on Eloops

  • No more manual updates!

  • Add an extra layer of employees experience to your Talent withEloops’ PowerApps

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A. To get started, you need A Talent subscription. If you don't have a subscription, you can get a free account

B. Eloops subscription

Architecture/How it Works

Eloops uses a Server to Server architecture. Eloops’ Server requests permission to get the shared data from Talent. Talent’s API will response with the employees’ data plus the custom shared fields. Eloops’ will create new users in its database from the given employees’ data. From now on Talent’s users may login to Eloops with their Talent’s credentials. Performing actions on Eloops will be reflected on Talent, such as getting coins/Total uploads and other shred data between Eloops and Talent.

  1. Eloops’ Server request an authorization code to connect to Talent’s APIs

  2. The Microsoft Authentication Server returns an authorization token.

  3. Eloops’ Server now has the required permission and will request the employees’ data plus the custom fields which are already configured between Eloops and Talent.

  4. Talent’s CRM will return the data.

  5. Eloops process those employees and insert them as Eloops’ users, then all the employees will be visible in Eloops’ dashboard.

  6. Employees will perform actions in Eloops’ app, they will gain coins and other benefits that will be stored on Eloops’ database

  7. Eloops’ sync with Talent periodically and update Talent’s CRM with all the data.

Talent Setup

In this section you will configure the Talent side, setting up the custom fields that will be available for Eloops.

A. Login to Talent (Your company has a dedicated link ending with

B. Tap the System administration button on the right (marked as 1), then select the Links button (marked as 2).

C. On the bottom right, under Setup select the Custom fields link

A. Select the Table dropdown

B. Select HcmWorker from the list (In some cases you may not see this selection under the dropdown, use the following tutorial to add it to the list: Adding the HcmWorker)

Tap the Branding button

A. Tap the New button

B. Fill the fields (For more info, use the following link: Adding the HcmWorker)

C. Tap on the Save button

Tap YES on the Modify alert

Make it visible:

A. Tap the newly created custom field (marked as 1)

B. Tap the Worker under the Entity Label, it should be with the HcmWorkerEntity under the Entity Name (marked as 2)

C. Tap the Apply changes button 

D. Tap the Save button

Note: Your changes may take up to 5 minutes before it is ready to sync data.

Add the Custom Fields to the Employees Information

In this section you will configure the Custom fields visibility to the managers.

A. On the top left menu tap the System administration button

B. Tap the Personalization link

A. Tap the Select existing personalization

B. In the Select existing personalization that appears, search for the person you have just edited and select it.

C. Tap the OK button

Next Step

Explore our Talent Integration documentations, we have more custom data sharing to enhance the employees experience.

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