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Eloops Talent Integration – Adding the HcmWorker (AddOn)
Eloops Talent Integration – Adding the HcmWorker (AddOn)

Learn how to add custom fields into Talent's CRM and share them into Eloops

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This article is part of the Eloops Talent Integration. In some cases, the Table dropdown under the Custom fields page is empty. We need the HcmWorker field to appear in order to share the custom fields with Eloops.

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Adding the HcmWorker to the Custom fields’ dropdown

In this section you will configure the HcmWorker field under the Custom fields page, setting up the custom fields that will be available for Eloops.

In some cases, you will see an empty dropdown under the Custom fields page.

Tap the top left menu, then select Personnel Management page

Tap the first employee in the list

A. Tap the Personalize this form button on the top left (marked as 1)

B. Tap the Add a field button 

C. Double click anywhere in the form to add a field

D. Tap the Create new field button

A. In the Table name field select Worker

B. In the Name prefix write the custom field you wish to add without spaces

C. In the Type field select the type of the field you wish to add

D. In the label field type the label. This label will be visible for everyone seeing this field!

E. Tap the Insert button

Make sure the field you have just added is available

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