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Introducing your Engagement Graph
Introducing your Engagement Graph

View and track everything that’s happening in your Eloops app ‘at a glance’ on your screen, on the front page of your master dashboard!

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1. Default display

The line displayed on your engagement graph is set to display all interactions over the past week and the data shown to the left and below relates to this same item & date range.

The following information is always displayed below the line graph:

Active members - The number of employees from your workforce who have been active in the app, also shown as a percentage of your total member base

Average interactions per member – The total number of interactions that have occurred during & the average number per active member

Shares – The number of posts shared to your feed & the number of members posting them

New sign-ups – The number of new people who have joined your app

Recognitions – The number of recognitions sent & the number of members sending them

In addition, so you have an immediate ‘read’ on your trends, all of these also include a green or red trend direction arrow indicating by what percentage they are up or down compared to the previous same time period.

2. Optional displays

Your engagement graph also provides you with a great variety of options to filter, segment & view your app activity data according to your specific areas of interest.

In the fields above the line graph you can

  • choose specific date ranges

  • filter your member segments by selecting tags

  • choose whether or not to include communities

Simply click the ‘reload’ button at top right to see these changes applied.

And in the drop down menu to the left of the line graph, you can choose exactly which type of app activity you would like to see data for. You can choose to see data for:

  • Interactions

  • Feed shares

  • Likes

  • Comments

  • Challenge submissions

  • Survey submissions

  • Quiz submissions

  • Form submissions

Enjoy exploring all the features of your powerful Engagement Graph to view data and gain a sense of the trends relating to employee activity within your Eloops app. And head over to the Insights area of your dashboard to zoom in further and get an even deeper understanding. Find out more here.

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