The engagement graph shows you the percentage of employees that are active, sharing, and new on the app. This also helps you understand the usage rates by seeing the total amount of virtual coins your employees have earned. By using this feature, you are able to get insights and trends into employee activity within the app.

The data the graph displays:

Active users - Displays the number of employees from your workforce that are active on the app.

Shares - The total number of posts that been shared on the apps feed.

New users - The total number of new users on the app.

Virtual coins - Displays the total number of coins earned by your employees.

Go To insights to zoom in and get a deeper understanding of the coins' activity and awards.

Filtering options:

Dates – filter your search according to a specific date range to narrow down your analysis.

Segments - Filter your search according to a specific segment or tag you have within your organization.

Click the Reload button on the top right corner of the graph to see the changes applied.

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